Our volunteers are the lifeblood of The SAPAN Institute. We're always looking for people passionate about the arts who also love to have fun! We're currently looking to fill the following positions: 

Graphic Designer

  • We're looking for designers to help us create visually appealing materials including programs, brochures, and marketing materials!

Set Designer

  • Do you have a love for theater and an artistic mind? Are you interested in bringing the stage to life? If so, we want you!  We're looking for someone who will be able to visually interpret the director's vision and to translate the performing artists' pieces to the set.


  • We need videographers to help capture our performances and productions. The ideal videographer will have experience and/or an interest in filming dance, music, and theater pieces as well as editing the footage to create videos for sale, marketing purposes, or The SAPAN Institute archives.

In-show Media

  • Many of our shows and productions involve the use of multimedia, i.e. slideshows, videos, imagery. This would include working closely and creatively with the director, choreographers, and set designers to enhance the overall performance.

Sound Editor

  • Many of our pieces involve new areas of performing arts that require the creation and fusion of music. We're looking for dedicated individuals with a love for mixing and a keen ear to help create new pieces.

Public Relations/Marketing

  • Are you well connected in or have an interest in getting to know the DC performing arts community? The SAPAN Institute is searching for people interested in developing, implementing and publicizing an ongoing PR campaign. The campaign will promote our vision and create awareness of our artists and events.


  • We're seeking a personable, organized individual with leadership and event coordinating experience to manage and oversee the logistics necessary for carrying out a smooth, compelling, and successful production. This person would be in charge of ensuring all production needs are met for the performance company, including but not limited to performance and rehearsal space, lighting, sound, stage management, sets, scheduling, and finances. This person would also have to take head responsibility of coordinating the members of the Production Company.

Stage Manager

  • We are looking for a dependable, organized, and savvy individual to ensure that all aspects of production, including sound and lighting cues, placement of sets and props, and exits and entrances of performers, are executed properly, safely, at the appropriate times, and in accordance with the Director and Choreographers. These responsibilities would also require taking a leadership role in coordinating meetings and operations of the Production Company with relation to performances, as well as preparing, staging, and clearing rehearsal space and markings for set design. Additionally, the Stage Manager would keep track of blocking and prop lists, assist with scheduling rehearsals, and serve as an effective and approachable liaison between the Director/Choreographers, the Performance Company, and the Production Company.

House Manager

  • If you love working with people, are organized, and not afraid to take charge, you would be a perfect House Manager! The house manager will be responsible for managing and coordinating all non-production related activities including ushers, ticket sales, and volunteers among others.

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