A Doll’s House

Undercroft Theatre @ Mt. Vernon Place
A Doll’s House

Neha and Tapan Varma appear to be a happily married couple preparing to celebrate Diwali. Tapan has received a promotion at work, and it appears that after several difficult years Tapan, Neha, and their children can settle into a more comfortable existence. All that quickly changes when a mysterious man appears threatening to reveal a secret from Neha’s past. While taking steps to keep the secret from being revealed, which could spell disaster for Tapan and her, Neha begins to consider broader questions about the values of the society she lives in, the oppression she experiences, and the reality of her marriage. Neha ultimately has a choice: To stand up and have the courage to fight for her beliefs or to continue living an illusion – that of a doll in a doll’s house.

The SAPAN Institute is proud to present its take on Henrik Ibsen’s timeless classic: A Doll’s House. The story and characters have been adapted for a new audience; the play is set during 1970s in Toronto, Canada, and portrays one of the early diasporas of South Asians in the new world. While the names and setting are different, the original script remains largely intact, and its underlying message about the human spirit endures.

Neha Varma – Lubna Alam
Tapan Varma – Aninda Maitra
Kabir Khanna – Siddharth Narayan
Dr. Ram – Ankush Nayar
Kavitha Gupta – Sabina Siddiqi
Daiji/Nurse – Shilpa Chakravarthy
Porter – Bobby Pachauri

sapan dancers
sapan member playing guitar

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