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Ranita Ghosh
Ranita is super excited to continue dancing through the SAPAN Performance Company! Though she is not formally trained in any South Asian dance forms, her passion for dance really developed throughout her teenage years, when she performed at local shows and competitions around her hometown of Boston, MA. She is equally passionate about teaching children about her South Asian heritage through dance, and spent many years teaching kids through the India Society of Worcester and afterschool programs in the Boston area. In her three years of college, Ranita joined the co-ed fusion dance group at Johns Hopkins, called JHU Masti, and went on to become captain of the team for her last two years of college. She graduated with a double major in Applied Mathematics & Statistics and Economics with a business minor, and now works as a Data Analyst at Capital One. This past year, she wasn’t ready to give up the Bollywood dance circuit just yet, so she joined Maryland Dhoom, and helped organize Legacy on Broad, a Bollywood dance competition in Philadelphia. In her free time, Ranita enjoys cooking and baking, traveling, playing tennis and learning new styles of dance. She loves that one can emote different emotions through dance with the various different styles and music choice, and especially loves the community and friends that comes from being a part of a group.

Photography courtesy of Sardar Aziz and Shan Jalla
sapan dancers
sapan member playing guitar

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