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nikhil bhat
Nikhil Bhat
Nikhil's love of music started when he first picked up a guitar and began learning classic rock anthems from Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, and a host of other rock legends. Over time, this love of music extended to various other instruments, including the piano, the saxophone, and his voice. His passion for poetry and writing led him to pick up rap as a medium for expression in conjunction with music, a skill that aligns tightly with a fascination with clever metaphors and turns of phrase. Having grown up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, he stayed true to his Pennsylvania roots and graduated from Penn State with a degree in electrical engineering and a minor in music technology. He now works as a UI/UX designer at Capital One. In his free time, Nikhil's other hobbies include film, photography, and graphic design.
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