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Kavin Sanghavi
Kavin is a dancer and an instrumentalist at SAPAN. As a teenager, Kavin learned to play saxophone and participated with his high school wind ensemble, marching band, and jazz band. On the side, he learned to play guitar and bass guitar and performed with a group of friends at his high school's Battle of the Bands. Kavin attended Carnegie Mellon University, where he joined CMU Bhangra and learned to dance Bhangra. Over the next four years, he also applied his musical aptitude and learned how to use digital audio workstations. He produced creative remixes and mashups of Western and Indian music, which his team would perform to. As manager and captain of the team, Kavin fostered a collaborative and constructive environment and led the team to a successful season. Now, Kavin explores and appreciates additional genres of art as a musician and dancer with SAPAN.
sapan dancers
sapan member playing guitar

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