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Deep Deb
Deep is a dancer at SAPAN. He was a part of the competitive bhangra circuit in North America for 8 years. As captain of Boston University Bhangra, he led them to multiple first place wins. Deep was also an original member of FAUJ, Boston's elite all-male bhangra team, where he danced as lead jodi and won or placed at over 10 competitions. He competed across the US and Canada at over 20 competitions. During his time in the circuit, he developed an understanding for the traditional elements of bhangra along with its continuing evolution as an art-form. Additionally, he has 8 years of experience as a DJ for both bhangra and fusion dance teams. This gave him a deeper vision for how teams implement artistic elements by connecting musical intricacies with original choreography to bring a performance to life on stage. Deep is currently finishing his MPH program and is working as a Fellow at a healthcare firm in DC.
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