In Hindi, sapan translates to dream, which is precisely what the South Asian Performing Arts Network (SAPAN) and Institute was to our co-founders just years ago. All it took was a conversation to turn that dream into a reality. Amit Kapoor, Divani Raveena Nadaraja, Sejal Shah, and Sarika Singh were working together as dancers and directors of an Indian dance company in Washington, DC when, over lunch, they put their heads together and came to the stark realization that there was a deep void in the local performing arts community. While there were many amazing organizations promoting various forms of South Asian performing arts, there was no institution representing all forms and no support system for the many rising artists and young professionals coming to Washington DC. Over that conversation, Amit, Divani, Sejal, Prabhu and Sarika made a commitment to fill that void with one expansive institution: the SAPAN Institute.


We’re excited that what was once a dream is now a platform for advancing all forms of South Asian performing arts and for supporting blossoming artists. Whether you’re a musician, dancer, or performing arts enthusiast, we invite you to learn more about how you can get involved and add to the movement.

sapan dancers
sapan member playing guitar

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